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Love Your Wellies Prize Presentation

Congratulations to Aisling O Brien who was the overall winner in the Senior Category of Farm PEAT Project ‘Love your Wellies’ Art Competition. This competition was carried out in Ms Colums class. Aisling’s piece ‘Buried in the Past’ portrays the history of the peat landscape & the stories that lie beneath it.

Today we celebrated Aisling’s achievement and two representatives from Farm Peat Project came to the school for the prize-giving event.


Aisling on this fantastic achievement 👏🏆🍂

Biodiversity Workshops

Ms Colum’s Ty, 5th Year Agricultural Science and 1st Year Science classes had a very informative visit to the community Garden recently. The group learned about how food is grown at the site in polytunnels and also learned about the extensive work that is being done to encourage biodiversity around our town.  They also got a chance to pick some blackberries to make jam in Home Ec class!! Thanks to kay Maguire for facilitating the visit.

The Tys also had a very informative talk and demonstration from local beekeeper, PJ McLoughlin, where the students leaned about the importance of bees in local ecosystems, as well as some of the practicalities involved in keeping bees. A really informative talk.

TY Ag Science Class Visit Ballinamore Community Garden

On Wednesday 1st September Ms. Colum and the TY class visited the local Community Garden in Ballinamore. Students had the opportunity to see many vegetables such as beetroot, potatoes, cabbage, courgette, carrots and also many fruits such as raspberries, pears, strawberries, apples, rhubarb and blackcurrants being grown. In one polytunnel that students visited, grapes and a fig tree were growing. Students learned about growing in polytunnels, raised beds and the importance of companion gardening. Students learned about how pests are controlled and the importance of being sustainable. Kay Maguire and Darren Warren provided students with plenty of very useful information on the history of the Community garden to the day to day running of keep the community garden sustainable