Academic Mentoring

Having worked for several years to embed formative instructional and assessment practices into the culture of our school, and committing to the provision of formative feedback, we have now developed an academic mentoring programme that will ensure that our 3rd and 6th year students have constant access to that feedback and receive ongoing support and guidance from all their teachers throughout the year.

The programme, developed by our Guidance Counsellor Ms Garvey, is facilitated through Wellbeing Classes at Junior Cycle and through Career Guidance classes at Senior Cycle.

  • It encourages students to examine their routine and to create realistic study timetables for themselves; to set SMART goals in each subject, using their recent test scores and teacher feedback as a reference tool; and to review and evaluate their progress each month.
  • Subject teachers provide individually tailored formative feedback to meet the needs of each student at regular points throughout the year. All the data is stored in a specially designed handbook that acts as a personal learning diary. It contains all their targets, evidence of their progress, the advice provided by their teachers and tips on how to plan effective study routines.

Working together as a school community, our academic mentoring programme aims to ensure each student receives formative support and guidance from all their subject teachers, and that this in turn will assist them in making good decisions about their academic year and realising their true potential.