Young Scientist

Each January students from all over Ireland converge on the RDS in Dublin for the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition.   The competition, which showcases the talent and endeavour of Ireland’s budding young scientists, accepts only five hundred exhibitors for judging from a staggering three thousand applicants.   Participating students gain vital skills in self-directed learning and research, scientific method, project development, organisation and IT, while also benefiting greatly from the highly social nature of the event.

The young scientists of Ballinamore CS enter the competition each October, and along with mentor Science Teacher Mr. Eamon Geoghegan work tirelessly to complete their projects throughout the school year.  Recently, a number of projects from the school have been accepted, and have gone on to impress the judges at the exhibition with their varied and complex investigations.

BT Young Scientists from Ballinamore CS

2010 Rhianna McManus ‘To investigate if there is a noticeable difference between organic and non-organic food’ Highly commended
2011 John Creamer ‘To investigate if different manures and natural fertilisers affect the growth of different plant types’ Third place in the senior individual biological sciences category.
2012 Joe wilson ‘Magnetic Linear Accelerator’ Third place in the intermediate individual physical, chemical and mathematical sciences category
2012 Daniel Gallagher and Joshua Gilheany ‘To investigate the effect of electricity on plant growth’
2013 Jack McGirl ‘To investigate the effect of magnetism on ferrofluids, when conducted by music’ Highly commended
2014 Bronagh McGovern and Grace McBarron ‘To investigate the effect that soaking seeds in different chemicals has on germination rate’
2014 Eoin Sweeney ‘Supercooled Freezing Rate’
2015 Conor McGrath ‘An investigation into the effect of water hardness on the rate of seed germination’
2016 Aisling Quinn, Ciara McGoldrick and Breege McGGovern ‘Does the prospect of no alcohol affect the decision for women to breastfeed?’ Highly Commended
 2018 Edel Shanley, Abbi Sweeney and Lauren Tivnan  “Sure it’s only girl’s football!”
2020 Molly Prior ‘A Statistical analysis of the effect of rural decline of people’s wellbeing’ Highly Commended