Subject Choices

First Year

All Junior students currently take twelve subjects to Junior Cert level as well as studying SPHE (Social Personal and Health Education) as a non exam subject.

Our core subjects are Irish, English, Maths,  Science,  Religion, P.E and CSPE (Civic Social & Political Education).  As well as these subjects students choose four subjects from the following: History, Geography, Business Studies, French, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics, Home Economics and Digital Media.  These choices are made after sampling these subjects for a number of weeks.

Fifth Year

Senior students normally take seven exam subjects for Leaving Cert.  Core subjects are Irish, English & Maths.  Four further examination subjects are selected from French, Biology, Chemistry, Agricultural Science, Construction, Engineering, Design & Communication Graphics, Home Economics, History, Geography, Business, and Accounting.   Subject choices are made by students towards the end of third year after extensive advice and consultation with Career Guidance and subject teachers.  Students initially select their preferred four subjects.  These are input into a computer programme which provides the four bands which would give the optimum number of students their maximum choices.  These four bands are then presented to students who select one subject from each band as their final choice.  As some class sizes are necessarily limited places are allocated on a ‘first come first served basis’.   Religion is also taught as a non exam subject and comprehensive Career Guidance is available.