School Chaplain: Mr Michael Kane 

“The Chaplain, as a faith presence, committed to the values of Christ, and on behalf of the church and school communities, accompanies each person on the journey through life.”

My role here in the school is pastoral one. It is my responsibility it to be a faith presence in the school and to recognise where students are at.

Our school ethos is Christian and it is important that we continue to promote the Christian message in all aspects of our work here. Faith development opportunities are considered very important for our students.


My objectives are to …

…to be of service to students, teachers, staff, parents,
Management of the school and the wider community through:

Active Listening
One-to-one sessions
Celebration of Key Times and Moments
Recognition and Celebration of the Liturgical Calendar

As Chaplain I try …

  • To animate the spiritual, religious and liturgical life of the school
  • To be sensitive to the needs of all
  • To be caring and open-minded
  • To witness and support
  • To support the Pastoral Care structures of the school
  • To be visible and approachable
  • To help students to recognise God’s love for them and their need for God in their lives
  • To provide appropriate resources for prayer, worship and assembly
  • To establish, develop and maintain good relationships with all members of the School Community
  • To be a friend to those in need
  • To provide Retreats / Days of Reflection
  • To develop links with local parishes / religious leaders and members of the wider community
  • To provide spiritual guidance for staff
  • To visit homes / hospitals where appropriate
  • To be available to parents
  • To support the bereaved

Minority Groups.

In recognition of our ethos and Faith Formation Policy, all students are welcomed and respected. Care is given to respect the faith(s) of all students-Christian and non-Christian. I am happy to discuss an individual student’s spiritual /religious need with the student and/or their parents.

 The Prayer Room.

Our new Community School building contains a Prayer Room. It occupies central position in the school and will be available for the use of all students and staff throughout the year.

It is a most valuable resource and is used for.

  • Individual and group prayers
  • Masses for Advent and Lent
  • November Remembrance Services / Mass
  • Prayer Services
  • A sanctuary for staff and students
  • Services of Reconciliation
  • Quiet time
  • Meditation


Pastoral Care (during school hours)

Text: 086 1530909

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