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Acquired Brain Injury Fundraiser

Acquired Brain Injury Ireland Fundraiser
Well done to the Amber Flag Committee & the Student Council on a hugely successful fundraiser for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. Between the bake sale & the proceeds from Lá Glas last week, a total of €625 was raised. 👏

Seachtain na Gaeilge

☘️🇮🇪Seachtain na Gaeilge ☘️🇮🇪
Cheiliúramar Seachtain na Gaeilge i bPobalscoil Bhéal an Átha Móir i mbliana le himeachtaí éagsúla sna ranganna Gaeilge agus Eacnamaíocht Bhaile i rith na seachtaine. Ina measc bhí Tráth na gCeist, Comórtas na bPostaer, céillí agus scannán Gaeilge. Sa rang eacnamaíocht bhaile rinne na daltaí arán sóide traidisiúnta agus rinne siad tráchtaireacht de i nGaeilge. Bhain gach duine taitneamh as na himeachtaí le linn na seachtaine. Beatha teanga í a labhairt!

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 2024 🍫🍌
Lots of events and activites took place here at BCS for Fairtrade Fortnight. Students from our social justice club took on the role of teachers where they visited all of the 1st year CSPE classes to teach the students about what fairtrade means and how it benefits the farmers and those producing our food. Well done to 6th year students Maria Navadze, Esther Edosa and Aisling O Brien for taking on the task of peer teaching and to the 1st years for their excellent participation and engagement.
There was an awareness stand in the canteen with some fairtrade goodies given out to students and staff. 1st year home economics students created fairtrade posters which were on display in the canteen area, fairtrade hot chocolate was enjoyed & 5th years made caramel squares using ethically produced chocolate.
2nd year students Seanan McKernan and Sophie Allen called into the shops in town to discuss what fairtrade options the local businesses have in stock. They were delighted with the interest from all the shops about ordering more fairtrade chocolate in so that its readily available in town to purchase.

AIB Safe Banking talks

Alan Burke, Manager AIB Ballinamore came to visit all of our students today to give Safe Banking Talks. This was a very interactive and informative day and provided students with very useful information on staying safe and how to recognise scams, phishing and money mules.

BT Young Scientist Business Bootcamp

Huge congratulations to our TY student Ava Gaffney who won the overall 1st prize with her group at the BT Bootcamp. Their project was fully based around Ava & Nicole Kellett’s BT Young Scientist project. Click on the link below to read all about it. Fantastic news, well done Ava 👏 😊

For more details, click here

Past Pupils Receive UCD Scholarships

Congratulations to Gavin D’Arcy, Danny O’Brien and Michael Mc Brien who were recipients of a UCD scholarship recognising their academic achievements in their Leaving Certificate Examinations. Pictured below with Mr Cunnane at the award ceremony last Thursday 29th February. Well done lads

TY French Exchange to Belmont-sur-Rance

Updates all week from Mya on the French Exchnage:

Day 0
The TY class along with Mr Keeney & Ms Mannion departed early this morning for their French exchange to Belmont-sur-Rance. After a smooth flight, they landed in Toulouse airport at 11.30am, where they met the accompanying teacher from Ensemble Scolaire Saint Michel – Belmont sur Rance, who accompanied them to Belmont-sur-Rance.
The TY’s and their teachers were then welcomed by their French exchange students and families, where they had the opportunity to try some speciality dishes from the region, including a boxty like dish, sausage rolls and sweet cake. The TY’s then accompanied their exchange students home. A long but exciting day!
Day 1
The first official day of the French exchange began yesterday for the TY’s and their accompanying teachers Mr Keeney and Ms Mannion. We assembled at Ensemble Scolaire Saint Michel – Belmont sur Rance in the morning before departing on bus to Chateau de Montaigut, a medieval castle dating back hundreds of years. The views from the attic of the castle were incredible!
We then had a small picnic and visited a local restaurant followed by a visit to an ancient Abby. The monastery no longer houses monks but the building itself was beautiful, the scriptorium was particularly amazing.
For the final part of the day we hiked a round trip of 10km to a secluded Russian Orthodox Church given to the French as a token of peace from Russia. The church was unlike anything we had ever seen before! We then took the bus back to Belmont-sur-Rance.
Day 2 of the French Exchange began with TY students joining their French correspondents in class. We enjoyed a range of classes through French including Chemistry, Maths and English.
After which we departed for Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge on the world. The bridge was incredible! And stood at the 336 meters over an incredible valley.
After this, we visited Les Caves de Roquefort, the caves where Roquefort cheese was invented and now matures. The smell of the cheese was pungent and thronged the entire caves and surrounding areas!
Finally we visited a French supermarket called intermarché on the way home, where students got the opportunity to purchase some French snacks.
Day 3 of the French exchange began in St. Michels school where we sampled some of the subjects studied by French students including English, Spanish and Maths – all through French! French school finishes early on Wednesday, so we departed school at half past 12 with our exchange families, where some students were involved in laser tag, shopping, horse riding etc. with their host families!
A big culture shock for many of us has been that French families have up to 4 or 5 courses at dinner time. Including starter, multiple main courses and dessert!
Day 4 of the French exchange began in St. Michels school, where we got the opportunity to sample school subjects with our French correspondents.
We then visited a farm, where the milk for Roquefort cheese is produced. Roquefort cheese is a very pungent smelling cheese, and the farm was no different! Many students felt very much at home on the farm and enjoyed the familiarity, away from home!
Then we went BMX biking through the typical red terrain of the area! This was incredible, and the views of the mountainous region were spectacular, and a highlight of the exchange for many students! We were absolutely destroyed after as the red terrain is very fragile and hence spewed onto our clothes as we biked through it, but it was definitely worth it!
Finally we returned back to Ms. Mannion and Mr. Keeney’s house in the evening, where we enjoyed pizza and chocolate and a cozy fire set up by some of the TY’s. We had an “Oscar’s” ceremony to celebrate some of the vibrant characters on our exchange, and an evening of fun and excitement was had by all. 😊
Day 5 of the French exchange began with TY’s and their French correspondents going swimming!
We then travelled back to Belmont-sur-Rance where the TY’s and their accompanying teachers Ms. Mannion and Mr. Kenney got the opportunity to try a typical lunch from the canteen in St. Michels! The food was very typical and authentic of the region, and we enjoyed getting the opportunity to try some of the locally produced food.
After this, we attended classes in St. Michels school from 2 until 5, where students studied technology, history and l’occitan (the local dialect spoken in Belmont-sur-Rance).
We then returned home to our host families where some students had the opportunity to go bowling and other activities with their host families.
Mya’s final report from France 🇫🇷
The final day of the French exchange! Yesterday, TY students enjoyed spending the day with their host families!
Many students visited Albi (a nearby city), went bowling, went shopping and also watched a handball match!
Finally in the evening some TY’s and the their host families met in a nearby café to watch the rugby. Where we enjoyed some typical French cuisine and although the outcome of the match was not as we had hoped, we had a very entertaining evening!
Kate and Kayla also preformed some Irish dancing for the French students and their families, which was incredible, and the French families were mesmerised by!
We return home today after a thrilling week, where we were immersed in laugher, fun and a completely new culture! All of us learned so much and will go home with a new appreciation of everything we have at home! 🇮🇪🇫🇷