Class Tutors

As part of our pastoral care programme each class is assigned a Class Tutor who on behalf of the school community undertakes the role of caring for a class group in order to promote learning at every level of the person.  As part of the tutor’s duties they will assign a class seating arrangement to the students, monitor the use of journals, build a relationship with the student, consult with subject teachers to alleviate any source of difficulty and monitor progress.  Class Tutors also regularly liaise with Year Head and Management.

Class Tutors 2023/2024

Class Group Tutor Teacher
6th Year Ms D Stenson
5th Year Mr P Higgins
Transition Year
3A Class Mr E Geoghegan
3B Class Ms M Moran
3C Class Ms J Cooney
2A Class Ms J Lee
2B Class  Mr R Duignan
 1A Class Ms A Maxwell
1B Class Ms R Reynolds
1C Class Ms A Bohan