School Policies

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Admissions Policy (Revised)
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
CCTV Policy
Coronavirus Response Plan
Covid-19 Policy Statement
Career Break Policy
Children First – Child Protection
Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment 2023
Code of Behaviour
Code of Behaviour – Addendum
Critical Incident Policy
Curriculum Policy
Dignity at Work and Code of Procedures
Dignity at Work
Healthy Eating Policy
Health and Safety Statement
IT Plan and AUP
Job Sharing Policy
Mobile Phone and Electronic Device Policy
Out of School Activities Policy
Pastoral Care Policy
Physical Activity Policy
Protected Disclosures Policy
Responding to Critical Incidents
RSE Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy
Substance Use Policy
Travel and Subsistence Expenses Policy
TY Policy 2024-2025
Vetting Policy