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Pumpkin Project

Ms Colum’s science classes  began by examining the pumpkin (from investigating measurement, weight & circumference, counting number of seeds, looking at plant cells, genetics through variation of pumpkins) and then developing their artistic/craft skills they designed and carved out their pumpkin creations. The pumpkin flesh was then used in Home Economics cookery class to make delicious pumpkin soup which students and staff all got to sample. The seeds were also used up by roasting them in the oven and made a lovely high fibre snack. This cross curricular project linked in with aspects of wellbeing and our current green schools project.

Junior Cert Home Ec Practical’s 2016

Well done to 3rd year Home Economics students who recently completed their cookery practical exam for JC Home Economics. The exam accounts for 35% of their total grade and students did themselves proud. A variety of dishes were prepared and cooked from savoury dishes like Chicken Curry, Beef Lasagne, Chicken and Broccoli Bakes, Quiche, Spaghetti Bolognese, Healthy Chicken Wraps, Herb Crusted Cod with wilted spinach and sweet potato wedges & Vegetable Soup  to sweet treats like scones, muffins and decorated buns for a special occasion. Being able to cook fresh nutritious meals are a fundamental life skill for students and the group most certainly showcased all their skills in the exam.

Students also completed a craft project  ( a decorative cushion for their bedroom) worth 15% of the overall exam which was also marked. Check out some of the projects below.