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Bin it! Workshop for first years

The Bin It Workshop visited our school recently and all first yrs participated in the workshop. It was informative and entertaining as students learned more about the environmental impact of littering and the effects of not disposing chewing gum properly. This links in with our current green school flag (Global Citizenship: Litter & Waste) we are working towards.

Pumpkin Project

Ms Colum’s science classes  began by examining the pumpkin (from investigating measurement, weight & circumference, counting number of seeds, looking at plant cells, genetics through variation of pumpkins) and then developing their artistic/craft skills they designed and carved out their pumpkin creations. The pumpkin flesh was then used in Home Economics cookery class to make delicious pumpkin soup which students and staff all got to sample. The seeds were also used up by roasting them in the oven and made a lovely high fibre snack. This cross curricular project linked in with aspects of wellbeing and our current green schools project.

Climate Action Week Oct 2018

A variety of events took place as part of Climate Action Week 16th-20th October 2018. CSPE Teachers discussed the topic of Climate Change with all of the Junior Classes resulting  in all of those students making a climate pledge outlining one thing that they are going to make an effort at doing that could help with Climate Action. Senior Home Economics classes also made similar pledges. Staff engaged in chat around the topic as part of our Climate Conversation and Cake morning on Tuesday 16th. On Wednesday there was a short Film Screening around the water crises in the world which really got students thinking about the value of water and how we really should make efforts to conserve it. Thursday saw the launch of our new formed club in the school ‘Social Justice Club’ where there was lots of chat around gender inequality. The club will meet on the first Monday of every month and work together on taking meaningful action around the local and global issues that interest them. Congrats to Amelia Woolterton, Ella Van Der Laan, Aoife Kelly and Aoibhinn Meehan who won prizes for the Climate Action Poster Competition.

All of these activities tie in with the hard work the Green Schools and Global Citizenship Education Groups are working on. Thank you to all the teachers who helped out in any way and to students and staff who engaged with this important topic. The Film Screening Clip is on Netflix: ‘Explained’ and the episode is called The World’s Water Crises (18 minutes long) 

Biodiversity Flag 2017

Well done to our Green Schools Committee for all their work on achieving our Biodiversity flag.  Some of the committee members collected our fifth flag at the award ceremony in Claremorris on Thursday 11th May.  The aim of our committee is to create more awareness for students, staff and the wider community on how their lifestyle choices can affect the environment and to ensure that Ballinamore CS remains a green school.  The environment committees have worked throughout the years to achieve the following green flags:

Litter & Waste (Awarded 2009) Energy (2011) Water (2013) Travel (2015) and Biodiversity (2017)

Next year we will begin working on achieving our sixth flag which will be for Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste. In addition to this, our committee continues to work on the other five areas in order to renew them and ensure Ballinamore CS remains as environmentally friendly as possible.


Self Help Africa Workshops 2017

Thank you to Hugh Bergin from Self Help Africa who visited our school during the year to give a series of workshops to 1st, 2nd and TY students. The workshops explored issues such as gender inequality in our world, climate change and the role that we can all play in achieving a fairer society. This workshop tied in with topics students were studying in classes such as CSPE, English,  Home Economics and Science and Religion.

Global Goal 6- Clean Water & Sanitation (Poster Comp)

Competition Details for students who would like to get involved with Global Goal 6 -Clean Water & Sanitation

Check out for inspiration for your poster idea. Ask Ms. Cooney for more details on submitting your poster.


Some of the SDG aims for this goal are……

By 2030, achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all.

By 2030, improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In September 2015, 193 World Leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030!

The global goals are only going to work if we fight for them and you can’t fight for your rights if you don’t know what they are. In school we learn about these goals through a variety of subjects like CSPE, Geography, English, Home Economics, Science to name but a few.

Check out and get involved by joining in the conversation across social network sites using the #globalgoals

Image- sourced from UN in collaboration with Project Everyone