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Junk Kouture

Well done to TY students Madison Conway & Aisling O Brien on their entry for this year’s Junk Kouture competition. Their creation ‘Soar with Seshat’ (Soar represents the wings in their design and Seshat was the Egyptian Goddess of Books) is made fully out of materials they recycled and repurposed, and was completed as part of Ms Cooney’s Global Citizenship Education Module. Amazing work girls! 👏👗

Food Preservation

Tomatoes and potatoes that were grown in the school polytunnel along with homegrown fruits and vegetables  kindly gifted to the Home Economics Department from various teachers all resulted in lots of delicious products for students and staff to enjoy.

A great opportunity for students to see a range of preservation techniques in action in the classroom – crab apple jelly, beetroot relish, shatta – a Palestinian condiment made from red chilli’s, tomato sauce and salsa were on the menu. Thanks Mr Cunnane for the beetroot, Ms Colum for the crab apples and Ms Parke for the homegrown chillies.


Fairtrade Fortnight 2021

‘ Before you finish breakfast this morning you have have depended on more than half of the world’ – Martin Luther King Jr

As part of Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, Home Economics students learned more about what exactly fair-trade is, how different our food can look in its original state before it reaches our table, and the impact our shopping  choices and habits can have for Fairtrade farmers and those who produce all our favourite foods & drinks like tea, coffee, chocolate, fruit and even our clothes. This years Fairtrade theme was around cocoa highlighting the importance of farmers being paid fairly for their work and being able to earn a living income. Students completed the chocolate quiz to learn more interesting facts about chocolate production and 1st years entered a Fairtrade Poster competition to encourage family and friends to choose fair-trade products when shopping. Congratulations to Saffron Flynn who won first prize and to runners up Kate McCauley and Rosemary Brady. All their poster’s will be displayed on the GCE noticeboard also. 

Fast Fashion Workshop Sept 19

1st and 2nd year Home Economics students along with members of the Social Justice Club participated in the ECO-UNESCO Fast Fashion Workshop. They explored the lifecycle of our clothing, how much resources/energy it takes to produce clothing, the working conditions of those manufacturing our clothing and what happens when we are finished with our clothing. They looked at sustainable solutions when buying clothing. They also upcylced an old t-shirt into a tote bag. Watch this space as students create awareness on this topic throughout the year.


Healthy Living Week 2019

On Monday 11th May, the HSE presented our school with the Health Promoting Schools Flag which formally recognises all the hard work our school does regarding health promotion. The week followed on with various activities from student v staff basketball and tug of war games, free fruit, high fibre snacks  and yogurt promotions every break for students, staff received a surprise goodie pack, teacher cook off, food market to promote local and national producers, jiving classes for the whole school and a sports day Friday. Thanks to Ms. Cooney for planning and coordinating the week, students from the health promotion team, Ms Stenson for organising the sports day, TY’s who helped with sports day, and the following food producers who generously donated their delicious produce during the week: Glenisk yogurts, The Food Hub (Drumshano) – Jinnys Bakery, McNiffes Boxty, Shannonside Savouries, Blakes Natural Kefir and Bo-Peep preserves.

Healthy Living Week 2019 from Ballinamore Community School on Vimeo.