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Bin it! Workshop for first years

The Bin It Workshop visited our school recently and all first yrs participated in the workshop. It was informative and entertaining as students learned more about the environmental impact of littering and the effects of not disposing chewing gum properly. This links in with our current green school flag (Global Citizenship: Litter & Waste) we are working towards.

Feel Good Week

There were numerous activities held this week in school as part of  Pieta House’s ‘Feel Good Week’. Music was played in the GP/Canteen area at lunch times. Students completed a walk and talk exercise to reflect on all the things that they are grateful for, what their individual strengths are and where they could turn to if facing life’s challenges. Some 5th year students made delicious cupcakes for the staff as a thank you for their hard work that they do. Last class on Thursday was a homework class where students were allowed to get some homework done early so they could have extra time that evening to dedicate to the things that make them feel good. First years cooked one of their favourite dinners (chicken curry) which both groups thoroughly enjoyed.  On Friday Mr. Kane organised a Halloween Costume Competition. Well done to students who won prizes on the day.

Pumpkin Project

Ms Colum’s science classes  began by examining the pumpkin (from investigating measurement, weight & circumference, counting number of seeds, looking at plant cells, genetics through variation of pumpkins) and then developing their artistic/craft skills they designed and carved out their pumpkin creations. The pumpkin flesh was then used in Home Economics cookery class to make delicious pumpkin soup which students and staff all got to sample. The seeds were also used up by roasting them in the oven and made a lovely high fibre snack. This cross curricular project linked in with aspects of wellbeing and our current green schools project.

Talking Finance

Thank you to Ciara McTeigue (on behalf of AIB) who gave an informative talk to the 6th year Home Economics class on all things finance including information on savings accounts, importance of budgeting, having good credit history and conditions required for mortgage applications. Not only is this topic on their exam in June but it is applicable to everyday life.





Fire Safety Week

As part of Fire Safety Week all first year students received a highly informative presentation from John Galligan (Ballinamore Unit of Leitrim Fire Service). Students learned valuable life skills such as steps to follow in the event of a fire,  how to safely use a fire blanket and tips on preventing a fire that may occur in the home as a result of items like phone chargers. John encouraged all students to have a chat at home with their family to see what sort of exit plan they could make in the event of a house fire. Well done also to students for engaging in the presentation with all of their questions.