Health Promotion Update

Members of the Health Promoting Schools team highlighting the importance of healthy eating and keeping physically active throughout the year. The display board in the canteen area is refreshed with a new focus regularly. 1st year girls participated in the Girls Active Programme funded by Leitrim Sports Partnership,  Games Club runs every Tuesday lunch (facilitated by senior members of the HPS team and student council), different fruit and dairy promos were undertaken by members of HPS team and awareness on health promotion to incoming first year parents on enrolment evening. Staff and senior students received informative talks on Breast Cancer/Testicular Cancer in January.  The HPS team are busy planning for our themed healthy living week event which runs 13th – 17th May 2019, organising a Pele Tournament between 1st and 2nd years, finalising the work of our physical activity policy and work has begun on developing a healthy eating policy for the school.

Global Citizenship Education 2018/19

Staff received an informative workshop with Aoife Rankin from Worldwise Schools on how the different subject departments could link global issues into their subject areas.  Following on from this a number of activities to create awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals emerged across a number of subjects.

  • 1st year Home Ec students engaged in a pilot programme developed by ‘Stop Food Waste’ where they looked at practical ways to reduce food waste at home. (For tips see ). These students also looked at textile sustainability and participated in an upcycling project before Christmas where they took an old jumper and using scraps of materials/fabrics upcycled it into a Christmas themed jumper rather than going out and buying a new one.
  • Poster Competition among 1st years to promote awareness on ‘Climate Change’
  • 2nd years engaged in a number of projects throughout the year. Students engaged in a workshop on Energy Sustainability delivered by Ingrid Foley from SEAI. The Crocus Project was also undertaken by 2nd years to celebrate International Holocaust Memorial Day (27th January). Students learned about the dangers of racism and intolerance and the importance of having respect for everyone. Crocus Flowers were planted and are a symbol of new life and hope for the future. In English students researched and traced, as part of persuasive writing, the evolution of climate action form youths from Suzuki Severin in Rio 1992 to the young climate activists in Davos this year. The ongoing refugee crises in Syria was also touched on.
  • 3rd year Maths students discussed what affects a countries well being and how to work out a countries wealth by looking at GDP per capita. They looked at tables of information displaying wealth of different countries and the same information in line graphs.
  • Transition Years engaged in a cross curricular Global Citizen Module. In Home Economics they look at issues around Clean Water & Sanitation on World Toilet Day, engaged in human rights workshop with Amnesty International and awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals with RECREATE. In their business studies classes they explored sustainability in Industry which also included a trip to The Irish Aid Centre in Dublin to learn more about the work they do in developing countries.
  • 6th years looked at the dire use of plastics on the environment by way of infographics and articles to build knowledge and awareness of the consequences of our collective plastic use, with particular emphasis on oceanic pollution and microbiology.
  • Members of the Social Justice Club participated in Amnesty International’s ‘Write for Rights’ campaign through their English classes. They wrote letters on behalf of political prisoners in a number of countries, to their respective heads of state to apply pressure for their release. They also helped create awareness on global litter and waste which is our current Green Flag theme in school.
  • Green Schools Committee worked on creating awareness around global litter and waste which is the theme of our current green flag application process.

Leaving Cert Gaeltacht Trip


Leaving Cert Irish students spent two days in the Gaeltacht in preparation for their Oral exams which will take place before Easter. They worked extremely hard and have laid a great foundation for the exams. We also managed to find time to celebrate Joely and Becky’s birthdays! Thanks to Miss Ní Mháille and Ms Stenson for organising and going away with the students and to Coláiste na bhFiann for hosting the students.

French Exchange to Lyon

Details and photos from our recent French exchange to Lyon.

Tuesday: More fun in Lyon today! French improving all the time and confidence building up among all our students. We had classes all morning with girls tasting music, french, Science and Art. Experiencing a full day at their school was very enjoyable especially given the early start and one hour lessons. This was topped off by an amazing visit to La chocolaterie!

Wednesday: And so its the last night. 😔Today we had a walking classroom experience- this was very different to anything we have ever done at home. Visited Gratte ciel and broke into two groups for researching the district and filling in worksheets.

THursday: Au revoir! Everyone is home safe and sound and missing our fabulous French friends in Les Iris. What a fantastic and welcoming week we spent with them and their families. We cannot wait to reciprocate the kindness shown to us when they come back to Ireland in April. Living a language is definitely learning a language for life. We have created life long memories and are so grateful for the opportunity. Huge thanks to Miss Ní Mháille for organising the trip and Mr Keeney for teaching us so much French abroad! We will not forget it. Thanks also to our students who were so well behaved and represented our school so remarkably, what wonderful ambassadors. A pleasure to travel with!


Ballinamore CS Parents Association – National Parents’ Council Survey












As part of the ongoing review and reform of the Irish Education System the Minister for Education and Skills is seeking the opinions of parents on the issue of Exemption from the Study of Irish and has asked NPCpp to make a submission to his department.

We strongly encourage all parents to take the time to participate in this revision of how exemptions are both applied for and decided upon.

We would appreciate a few minutes of your time to assist us with this and ask that you complete two short tasks:

  1. Please send us your thoughts, concerns and ideas on this matter, by email, We can then consider these when preparing the NPCpp submission.


  1. As part of the consultation the department has prepared a short survey to enable all concerned to express their opinion on this subject. Please click here to access DES survey. The deadline for completion of this survey is 18th January 2019.