College Awareness Week

For college awareness week, we will have speakers visiting during the week from the University of Limerick and Drumshanbo College of Further Education to discuss progression routes to higher education and the world of work with senior cycle students. All teachers will also be sharing information about the colleges that they attended with their classes at junior and senior cycle throughout the week.

Hairy Halloween Pumpkins

Students in Ms Colum’s Science Class carved pumpkins last week and noticed a couple of days later that furry white and black growths had begun growing inside the pumpkins. As, scientists, the first year students looked a bit closer at the growths under the microscope where they could identify parts of the fungus such as stolons, sporangiophores and spores. As students want to be as sustainable as possible, the pumpkins were fed to the birds in our wildlife area at the back of the school.

Climate Action Day

For Climate Action Day, students enjoyed playing a climate change card game, where they had to match climate change terminology with the correct sentence. This helped students to develop their literacy skills and made them aware of the part we all have to play in combating climate change. Second year students also engaged with the repair element of our 4R Action day for climate change by repairing their books so they can be recycled.

Amber Flag Raising

We are delighted to have been awarded an amber flag by Pieta House for the work that we have done to create a healthy, inclusive environment in our school that supports mental well-being. Today, as a school community, we celebrated our achievement by raising the flag together.