Une conversation en francais sur la cuisine francaise

Thank you to our French Assistant Isee Guiste who gave a presentation all about the type of cuisine popular in her region in France (Provence- Alpes in the South East of France)  to our 1st year Home Economics group. Through a variety of interactive games on both ingredients and dishes it gave students an opportunity through their Home Economics lesson to revise over key words they had learned so far in French classes. Isee made some delicious french treats for us to sample at the end of the lesson also.

Science Week 2017

To celebrate Science Week, which ran from the 12th – 19th of November, a number of activities took place to engage pupils and invoke curiosity into the science behind certain phenomena. The nation-wide theme was to #stopandask and this is what we hoped to encourage students to do.

Cancer Awareness 2017

As part of the delivery of our RSE programme to TY and 5th students, we had two Cancer Awareness presentations.

Rachel Fitzgerald Feeley from Breast Cancer Ireland spoke to our female senior students.
Martin McHugh, past pupil, spoke to our male senior students about testicular cancer.
Both talks provided our students with: personal testimonies, factual information and the overall message of why it is so important to look after all aspects of our personal health.

Pope John Paul II Awards

Over the past year, seven senior students have been completing their John Paul II Award. At a special ceremony in the Kilmore diocese on Friday 6th October, all seven were presented with their award by Bishop Leo O’Reilly.

Wellness Week 2017

This year our theme is “Random Acts of Kindness”. Our school tree contains each of our students commitments to do one act for another person. A little goes a long way. Among the many activities and events, students and staff did a walk around our school to highlight the benefits of a little exercise to our well-being and were given some orange segments for a vitamin C hit!