Class Tutors

As part of our pastoral care programme each class is assigned a Class Tutor who on behalf of the school community undertakes the role of caring for a class group in order to promote learning at every level of the person.  As part of the tutor’s duties they will assign a class seating arrangement to the students, monitor the use of journals, build a relationship with the student, consult with subject teachers to alleviate any source of difficulty and monitor progress.  Class Tutors also regularly liaise with Year Head and Management.

Class Tutors 2019/2020

Class Group Tutor Teacher
6th Year Mr Kevin Nolan
5th Year Ms Aileen McWalter
 4th Year (Trasition Year) Ms Denise Stenson
3A Class Ms Aoife Bohan
3B Class Ms Camilla Clarke
2A Class Ms Jenny Cooney
2B Class Ms Mary Moran
2C Class Mr Eamon Geoghegan
1A Class Mr Ronnie Duignan
1B Class Ms Ashling Garvey