Relationships and Sexuality Education

The Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) Programme will be delivered to your son/daughter annually.  RSE is a required part of the curriculum and the way it is taught in this school is informed by our ethos and Mission Statement.

We are very aware of your role as the child’s first educator. We would appreciate your support by talking to your son/daughter about the RSE programme and helping them with any concerns they may have.

We have also provided more information through additional links. Contained in these, is an overall summary of RSE from the SPHE Support Service. And we have provided a list of the themes dealt with at Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle. 

Relevant teaching staff has been trained and resourced to deliver this programme to our students by the SPHE Support Service. Specific information about the recommended teaching resources we use is available on the following site:

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Resources for Parents

More information about RSE and the Resources which will be used is available from the Education Centre in Drumcondra: