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Health Promotion Update

Members of the Health Promoting Schools team highlighting the importance of healthy eating and keeping physically active throughout the year. The display board in the canteen area is refreshed with a new focus regularly. 1st year girls participated in the Girls Active Programme funded by Leitrim Sports Partnership,  Games Club runs every Tuesday lunch (facilitated by senior members of the HPS team and student council), different fruit and dairy promos were undertaken by members of HPS team and awareness on health promotion to incoming first year parents on enrolment evening. Staff and senior students received informative talks on Breast Cancer/Testicular Cancer in January.  The HPS team are busy planning for our themed healthy living week event which runs 13th – 17th May 2019, organising a Pele Tournament between 1st and 2nd years, finalising the work of our physical activity policy and work has begun on developing a healthy eating policy for the school.

Feel Good Week

There were numerous activities held this week in school as part of  Pieta House’s ‘Feel Good Week’. Music was played in the GP/Canteen area at lunch times. Students completed a walk and talk exercise to reflect on all the things that they are grateful for, what their individual strengths are and where they could turn to if facing life’s challenges. Some 5th year students made delicious cupcakes for the staff as a thank you for their hard work that they do. Last class on Thursday was a homework class where students were allowed to get some homework done early so they could have extra time that evening to dedicate to the things that make them feel good. First years cooked one of their favourite dinners (chicken curry) which both groups thoroughly enjoyed.  On Friday Mr. Kane organised a Halloween Costume Competition. Well done to students who won prizes on the day.

Healthy Living Week 2018

Check out our slideshow of our annual Healthy Living Week event for 2018. Home Economics and Physical Education are key subjects that expose and educate students directly on the area of health promotion through their syllabi.  A variety of health related activities and topics took place within these classes as well as some extra curricular events throughout the week. Healthy snacks were provided free of charge during break times. Teachers also engaged in a staff wellbeing event around the use of essential oils. Thanks to Glenisk who kindly sponsored yogurts for the calcium promotion. The weeks activities concluded with a health quiz for first years.

Healthy Living Week 2018 from Ballinamore Community School on Vimeo.


CPR 4 Schools

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone at any age. Every minute counts when someone has a cardiac arrest. Four of our teachers on staff (Ms Cooney, Mr Mullen, Mr Nolan and Ms Stenson) completed CPR training organised by the Irish Heart Foundation.

The course equipped the teachers with the skills to deliver CPR training to students in our school. Each year group subsequently received CPR and AED training facilitated by the teachers. This was to equip students with the knowledge and skills in the event of having to administer CPR.

Whole School CPR Training from Ballinamore Community School on Vimeo.

When the girls are away, the boys will play…….

On the 18th April while the first years girls were away at Girls Active in Drumshanbo, the first year boys participated in a ping pong tournament. Well done to everyone who participated and made the event such a success.  Congratulations to our champion Eoin Connaughton and also to Gerald Clyne who was runner up. A huge thank you goes to Francis McGovern, Laoise Moran King and James Creamer for all their help on the day.

HPS Events



What is Qigong?

Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) is an ancient Chinese mind-body practice that restores wellness, builds mental and emotional strength, reduces stress, and increases vitality.

Qigong, sometimes called the grandmother of tai chi, is one of the four major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because Qigong incorporates a variety of gentle breathing methods, flowing movements, and mindfulness meditation, it can be practiced by absolutely anyone, regardless of their age, health, religion, or fitness level.


What Does the Word


Qi means “vital energy”, and gong means “cultivation”.  The Chinese characters a

re as follows:

氣 功

Is Qigong Hard?

No. Anyone can do it.



It is a soft activity based on gentle moves and breathing exercises to improve posture, focus, harmony and reduce stress…




Health Promoting Schools “Get Active” Initiative

Today the Health Promoting Schools Team launched their first calendar of events for the remainder of this academic year.  The team have been busy planning for the past couple of months and today they kick started their “Get Active” initiative.
Staff and students donned their activewear and trainers and took a brisk walk around the town. Donations were collected and the money raised will be used to fund a games club that will run at lunchtimes and additional sports equipment to get everyone out in the fresh air at break times. Huge thanks and congratulations to the HPS team for all their hard work and first successful step toward achieving their Health Promoting Schools Flag.