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Pumpkin Project

Ms Colum’s science classes  began by examining the pumpkin (from investigating measurement, weight & circumference, counting number of seeds, looking at plant cells, genetics through variation of pumpkins) and then developing their artistic/craft skills they designed and carved out their pumpkin creations. The pumpkin flesh was then used in Home Economics cookery class to make delicious pumpkin soup which students and staff all got to sample. The seeds were also used up by roasting them in the oven and made a lovely high fibre snack. This cross curricular project linked in with aspects of wellbeing and our current green schools project.

Science Week 2017

To celebrate Science Week, which ran from the 12th – 19th of November, a number of activities took place to engage pupils and invoke curiosity into the science behind certain phenomena. The nation-wide theme was to #stopandask and this is what we hoped to encourage students to do.

Self Help Africa Workshops 2017

Thank you to Hugh Bergin from Self Help Africa who visited our school during the year to give a series of workshops to 1st, 2nd and TY students. The workshops explored issues such as gender inequality in our world, climate change and the role that we can all play in achieving a fairer society. This workshop tied in with topics students were studying in classes such as CSPE, English,  Home Economics and Science and Religion.

TY Science Trip

As part of their Science Trip to Dublin, TYs visited the Guinness storehouse to gain further knowledge about the brewing process and fermentation. They also went to the Science Gallery, where they attended a workshop which involved them making their own robots, aimed to encourage creativity and highlight STEM awareness. After wards, they were given a guided tour of the exhibition that was currently on in the gallery.

Leaving Cert Ecology Field Study

Our Leaving Cert students recently traveled to Dublin Zoo to carry out their ecology field study in Phoenix Park. The weather stayed fine, and the students had a very informative day collecting and identifying plant and animal specimens and investigating biotic and abiotic factors in the grassland ecosystem. Free time in the zoo followed, and contrary to reports, the lions had not escaped their enclosure!!