Success for Ava and Nicole at BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

Massive congrats to Ava & Nicole who took home 1st prize in the Intermediate Social and Behavioural category! A super achievement by the girls whose project titled “Are our Bus Routes Effective” sparked great interest from Political parties, county councils and environmental agencies over the past few days. Well done ladies!!!👏🎊🥳
The girls also took home a special award – The HEAnet award, which is awarded to “the project which shows the most practical and innovative use of network technology in performing background research for the project and/or collaborating with other team members, teachers etc”
A superb achievement!
The girls worked tirelessly from September on their project, in which they studied school bus routes, analysing them in detail to ascertain the efficiency of the routes in terms of carbon emissions, time and distance. Amazingly, they found that by making some changes to the routes at our school, significant time could be saved, empty seats could be almost eliminated and the number of buses needed to deliver the service could be reduced. Perhaps most significantly, the girls found that by making these changes to the school routes around Ballinamore CS, the equivalent of 8 personal flights from Dublin to Adelaide could be saved in carbon emissions! Great work girls!
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