Certified Irish Angus Beef Tasting

As the aim of the competition is to promote Certified Irish Angus beef within our community, we decided to hold a Certified Irish Angus Beef tasting event in our school on the 1st of March. At this event we cooked Certified Irish Angus burgers for students in our school. The beef turned out to popular among the students, and wanted them looking for more.

We also organised a taste testing with the staff of the school, where we ran a blind tasting with both Angus and Hereford beef at lunch time. After all the teachers had tasted the beef, we handed out a survey where we asked them several questions ranging from the promotion of Certified Irish Angus Beef to i.e. which beef they thought tasted the better. The majority of teachers agreed the Certified Irish Angus Beef was more succulent and juicy and in future when purchasing beef will look for the Certified Irish Angus Beef logo.

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