Zooardship 2018

By Saidhbhe Honeyman

On the 13th December, all 3rd year students travelled to Dublin Zoo for our CSPE trip. We had chose stewardship as our concept for this and after much discussion, we decided on Dublin Zoo. Everyone in the year picked an endangered animal and researched it’s habitat, speceies etc. Our research team compiled all the results in one PowerPoint presentation, so before we even left, we knew about Dublin Zoo animals and the importance of zooardship.

At the zoo, we looked at zooardship, education, breeding, research and conservation of the animals at Dublin Zoo. But none of these would be possible without research. Research done by major zoologists around the world and even by our own zoologists in Ireland. We were given examples of good and bad stewardship and asked to organise them as good or bad. We also had a debate on in-situ (keeping animals in zoos) and ex-situ (leaving them in the wild). We were given a tour of the zoo in our respective classes and learned about the Amur Tiger.

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