Visit to the Irish Aid Centre 2017

On Wednesday 26th April the TY class visited The Irish Aid Centre as part of their Development Education module this year. Check out Joely McGovern’s account of how they got on…Irish Aid Workshop by Joely McGovern

The Irish Aid Centre works to reduce poverty and hunger, especially in Sub Saharan Africa where the needs are greatest. Our visit involved firstly finding out more about the organisation and watching a clip about a girl in Africa. The clip showed Memory’s typical daily life as a 16 year old. This was a very good clip as we got to see how tough hr life was and she never once complained and was always smiling. She had to get up before school every morning and do all of her chores and then when she went to school there were no tables, chairs or even books. She talked about the importance of education and why she continued to secondary school. After the video clip we took part in a role play game where we were people living in a small rural village in Africa. For the game we were put into teams of three and we each got an envelope with a number of food cards. The aim of the game was to try and build up your food cards. I loved this game as it was fun and educational. We had to answer questions or take part in scenarios that saw us gain more food cards  or assets like blight resistant potatoes, tractors, irrigation systems etc if we were lucky. During the game we realized how important tractors and irrigation systems are to these communities and how important blight resistant potatoes are if a drought hits the region. We take our food for granted and it showed me how important the availability of food is for people in this part of the world.


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