Chef Sham visit to our school

On the 9th of March, Chef Sham Hanifa who owns the award winning Cottage Restaurant, Jamestown, Leitrim, visited our school to give a presentation on why Certified Irish Angus beef is superior to other beef breeds. Sham who also works with  the Food Council and Euro-toques Ireland demonstrated to 1st years and leaving certs how to cut the best pieces of meat from the carcass off an Irish Angus heifer. Sham showed the students how the fillet, rib eye and sirloin are cut.

Sham explained to everyone the importance of hanging beef to ensure maximum tenderness. Students also learned that beef sweats if left in a plastic bag or left on a work top.

As part of Niall and Johns promotion plans, Sham is putting Certified Irish Angus on his menu in the Cottage restaurant. He also plans to interlink with Home Economic students if Niall and John are successful.

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