Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition

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Two of our TY students, John Conway and Niall Stringer are through to the Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition national finals in Croke Park on March 16th, and in with a change of winning five six-month old Angus Cross calves which they will rear through to slaughter to coincide with their Leaving Certificate Agricultural Science project.

Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition
Irish Angus Beef Schools Competition

The aim of the competition is to encourage young second level students to become involved to a greater extent in their families’ farms and to gain an understanding as to how beef produced on those family farms is marketed in a manner that represents the care and attention that has gone into the production and processing of their animals, through to a satisfied end consumer. The competition is organised by Kepak, ABP meats, and the Angus Producers group.

The first stage of the competition was to submit a 3 minute video clip on:

  • Introduction of team and school
  • Role of AG science department in school
  • Kepak
  • ABP
  • Irish Angus producers group
  • Plans and promotions

For the second stage of the competition, John and Niall traveled to Portlaosie, where they were successfully interviewed on their project, their plans and their promotions  by representatives from ABP, Kepak, the Angus Producers group as well as an Agricultural Science teacher.

Interview in Potlaoise
Interview in Potlaoise

Latest News on the John and Niall’s work…..