Biodiversity Flag 2017

Well done to our Green Schools Committee for all their work on achieving our Biodiversity flag.  Some of the committee members collected our fifth flag at the award ceremony in Claremorris on Thursday 11th May.  The aim of our committee is to create more awareness for students, staff and the wider community on how their lifestyle choices can affect the environment and to ensure that Ballinamore CS remains a green school.  The environment committees have worked throughout the years to achieve the following green flags:

Litter & Waste (Awarded 2009) Energy (2011) Water (2013) Travel (2015) and Biodiversity (2017)

Next year we will begin working on achieving our sixth flag which will be for Global Citizenship – Litter & Waste. In addition to this, our committee continues to work on the other five areas in order to renew them and ensure Ballinamore CS remains as environmentally friendly as possible.

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