Science Gallery FIELD TEST Exhibition

‘Our ability to produce food and products for growing populations on a finite amount of land with limited resources is unquestionably one of the great challenges we face globally. It may not be foremost in our minds when we do our weekly food shop but the decisions we make as consumers and digesters can be critical influencers in the way these challenges play out’ (Science Gallery)

As part of the Development Education module in school TY’s visited the Science Gallery in Trinity College to check out the exhibition that is currently running. The exhibition was very interactive and thought provoking in relation to the area of radical adventures in future farming. Sustainability, biodiversity what type of plants and animals we grow in the future, the use of mycotecture bricks in building (bricks grown from fungi like mushrooms), bee protection, home grown in vetro meat, city farms, insects as an alternative protein food source were all some of the topics discussed during our visit. Our focus this year in school was to look more at the idea of food sustainability both locally and globally and also food security through development education classes so this exhibition helped consolidate the ideas discussed in class.

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