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Health Promotion Update

Members of the Health Promoting Schools team highlighting the importance of healthy eating and keeping physically active throughout the year. The display board in the canteen area is refreshed with a new focus regularly. 1st year girls participated in the Girls Active Programme funded by Leitrim Sports Partnership,  Games Club runs every Tuesday lunch (facilitated by senior members of the HPS team and student council), different fruit and dairy promos were undertaken by members of HPS team and awareness on health promotion to incoming first year parents on enrolment evening. Staff and senior students received informative talks on Breast Cancer/Testicular Cancer in January.  The HPS team are busy planning for our themed healthy living week event which runs 13th – 17th May 2019, organising a Pele Tournament between 1st and 2nd years, finalising the work of our physical activity policy and work has begun on developing a healthy eating policy for the school.

Health Fest 2016

On Tuesday 26th April Transition Years participated in Health Fest 2016 in City West Convention Centre along with over 4,000 other TY students from around the country. The day consisted of various presentations ranging  from Operation Transformation’s personal trainer Karl Henry speaking on the benefits of exercise, finding exercise you enjoy doing and building it into every day life. Nora Ni Fhlannagain spoke about fueling your body the right way when playing sports. Dietician Paula Mee gave a presentation on Smart Snacking- making healthy and clever choices while Caroline O Donovan spoke about the importance of getting adequate calcium intake into the diet and building up bone density. Stylist and Fashion Designer Brendan Courtney spoke about the importance of building up your self belief and confidence under the positive inspiration for life segment. During lunch there were some activities such as cookery demos by the No Salt Chef Brian McDermott and Zumba dance to partake in. The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.