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Health Promotion Update

Members of the Health Promoting Schools team highlighting the importance of healthy eating and keeping physically active throughout the year. The display board in the canteen area is refreshed with a new focus regularly. 1st year girls participated in the Girls Active Programme funded by Leitrim Sports Partnership,  Games Club runs every Tuesday lunch (facilitated by senior members of the HPS team and student council), different fruit and dairy promos were undertaken by members of HPS team and awareness on health promotion to incoming first year parents on enrolment evening. Staff and senior students received informative talks on Breast Cancer/Testicular Cancer in January.  The HPS team are busy planning for our themed healthy living week event which runs 13th – 17th May 2019, organising a Pele Tournament between 1st and 2nd years, finalising the work of our physical activity policy and work has begun on developing a healthy eating policy for the school.

Healthy Living Week 2015


A variety of activities were held in school during Healthy Living Week this year. The aim of this themed week in school is to highlight the importance of subjects like Home Economics and PE in school and engage with the entire student and staff body with issues like nutrition, healthy food choices and physical activity. Bodywhys launched the weeks event with a workshop for students on the area of eating disorders, body perceptions and how to help someone with an eating disorder. Breakfast club held throughout the week included breakfast cookery classes. ‘Fakeaway’ cookery classes also took place where students cooked modified healthier versions of chicken strips and wedges. Cross Curricular links between subjects included produce grown by Ag Science students being used up in the Home Ec kitchen. The arrival of our new chicks in the Ag Science Department also linked in with the week. To encourage students food choices at lunch time a ‘healthy lunchbox’ competition was judged and prizes for the most balanced and nutritious lunch box contents were awarded. TY’s went on a visit to Knockvicar Organic Centre to learn more about food grown in polytunnels, food sustainability and got to use the wood fired stove outside and enjoyed healthy pizza’s cooked from it.

Lunch time activities included tug of war between teachers and students and also a Teacher V student volleyball game.  Mr. Duignan and student Oisin McGovern also participated in an omelette cook off in the Home Ec kitchen. To link in with Jamies Olivers Food Revolution Day on Friday 15th May, Ms. Cooney organised a Fruity Friday promotion in the school canteen where students enjoyed a variety of colourful fruit pots, exotic fruit kebabs, orange wedges and strawberry smoothie shots. The weeks events concluded with a Health Quiz. Congrats to all the winners of the various competitions throughout the week. Thank you to all who engaged in the event and staff who helped out and participated in various games and activities which always makes the event memorable.

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