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This Christmas, the Green Schools team and the Student Council are encouraging everyone to have a Merry and an Eco-friendly Christmas. They have produced a Christmas card which has a range of Energy saving tips especially for Christmas time. Feel free to forward the Christmas card to family and friends as often as you like to wish all a happy Christmas and to keep the environment in mind during the festivities. Ballinamore CS is in the process of working towards our 7th Green Flag which involves Energy Conservation and Global Citizenship.
Green Schools Committee and Students Council

Unsung Hero

Massive congratulations to first year student, Francis Flynn, who won the Unsung Hero award at the 2019 leitrim Sports Star Awards which took place in Lough Rynn Castle Saturday 23rd November. Francis is pictured with his fans, Mr McCaffrey, first year team coach, Mr Duignan and First year year head, Mrs Coyle. Well done Francis!

Stand Up Week

Stand Up Awareness Week is a time for second-level schools in Ireland to join us and take a stand against homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying. As a school community, we show solidarity with our LGBTI+ friends and family.

Christmas Jumpers Day 2016

As part of a very successful fundraiser for St Vincent de Paul, students wore Christmas jumpers to school. Prizes were awarded for the most impressive offerings and Austin Quinn was presented with the funds raised. Student council member, Kate Reynolds also sealed a time capsule as part of our 1916 centenary celebrations. The capsule is not due to be opened until 2066!

Christmas Jumpers Day 2016 from Ballinamore Community School on Vimeo.

Healthy Living Week 2016

Healthy Living Week 2016 from Robert O’Reilly on Vimeo.

Healthy Living Week is a themed event that staff and students look forward to every year. This year a variety of events ran throughout the week to promote the area of health and wellbeing. Health and nutrition activities occurred in Home Economics lessons, students also cooked healthy breakfasts, made their own fruit smoothies and cooked gluten free dishes on one of the days to mark Coeliac Awareness Week which was a nationwide event occurring on the same week. Students examined cereal labels and there was plenty of discussion on the fibre and sugar contents of various cereals. The English Department ran a poetry and essay competition the theme being ‘Healthy Living’, Science classes focused on the area of digestion and dissection of hearts. In RE class students created mood boards titled ‘What makes me happy?’  and there was lots of physical activities and fun lunch time games. Tug of War, Volleyball, A Crossbar challenge with Mr Nolan, laughing yoga and fun circuit classes with Michelle Fanning were just some of the activities that were enjoyed by all. At break time Ms. Cooney gave out free smoothies, flapjacks, fruit and protein power balls to encourage healthy snacks containing fibre and fruit.  Mr Cunnane and Mr O Reilly participated in a cook off to show off their culinary creativity. A big thank you to the staff, student council members and TY students who helped Ms Cooney out with the various events.


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Green Schools Action Day 2015

On Tuesday 3rd March we held our Green Schools Action Day as part of our work on achieving our fourth Green Flag for the theme of TRAVEL. There were a variety of activities on the day to promote greater awareness on the area of travel which included the following-

  • Presentation on road travel and safety from Garda Adrian Keane to students
  • 1st year History class completed a themed walk around Ballinamore taking in various historical buildings and locations around town. Students made a great effort dressing up and getting into the role of various historical figures for the event.
  • Transition Years also went on the historical walk.
  • 3rd year CSPE and TY’s visited Glenview Folk Museum to learn more about the various transport systems.
  • After lunch an interesting experiment was carried out with some students outside the school gates where there is a signpost stating the speed should be 50km. Students raised concerns to Guard Adrian Keane about cars driving past the gates in excess of the speed limit and so Adrian parked the speed van outside the school and students got to see how the process of recording the speed of vehicles works. Interestingly once the garda signs were placed on the van the speed of passing vehicles reduced.
  • There was a Green Schools display in the canteen area to highlight and inform the student body and staff of all the work that has been carried out in various subjects for the past two years as we work towards achieving our flag.
  • Check out some of our pictures from the day along with pictures of students carrying out a traffic survey earlier in the year.

Concern Workshop on World Hunger

As part of  the Development Education (DE) module being carried out in school the Transition Year group participated in a workshop on World Hunger which was facilitated by Claire O Carroll from Concern. Some shocking facts learnt –

1 in 8 people in our world will go hungry today!

Women do 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the world’s food but only earn 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the world’s property…. and 60% of the world’s hungry are women!

A child dies every 12 seconds from hunger related diseases!

Students are working towards achieving their Hunger Hero Certificates for work carried out in our DE theme of World Hunger and Food Poverty.

Fair-trade Fortnight 2015

Fair-trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade and is based on a partnership between some of the most disadvantaged farmers and workers in the developing world and the people who buy their products. Fair-trade offers us a powerful way to reduce poverty through our everyday shopping. 

Fair-trade Fortnight was held this year from 23rd February-8th March. Students learnt all about fair-trade and its importance through the DE programme in school. The Transition Year students then got involved in an organised event during Fair-trade Fortnight by participating in a fair-trade parade in our nearest designated Fair-trade town (Carrick on Shannon). Students got the opportunity to meet and hear Chief Adam Tempuri (a cashew nut farmer from Ghana) speak about the difference we make to his families life by supporting fair-trade.

After the event students visited the local farmers market which runs every Thursday in Carrick. They visited the various stalls to see what local farmers and producers has to offer and enjoyed sampling some of these delights. IMG_5501[1]