Acheievments Day

On Friday 19th May, we celebrated our annual Student Achievements Day where we recognise the work and contributions to school life made by students throughout the year. From students of the year (in each year group), sporting awards, practical subject awards and a range of extra curricular awards like Green Schools, Social Justice and Amber Flag there was lots to celebrate. The full list of winners are below. Thank you to Ms Convey for organising the award ceremony.
Students of the Year-
1A Stephen Kellett & Ciara Cunnane
1B Ben Luter & Chloe McCabe
2A Clodagh Gartland & Kelvin Umukoro
2B Lindel Moran & Alfie Green
2C Abi Halstead & Brian McGovern
3A Cally Heatley & Reuben McCrann
3B Luke Callaghan & Kayla Gill
TY- Calem Quinn & Ericia Dolan
5th yr – Dara Greenan & Aisling O Brien
6th yr- Darren Wrynne
Sports Awards-
šŸ’«1st yr Footballer of the Year Liam McGirl
šŸ’«U-14 Lady Footballer of the Year Nicole Hargadan
šŸ’«Junior Ladies Footballer of the Year Sinead Martin
šŸ’«Juvenile Footballer of the Year Sam Maguire
šŸ’«Senior Ladies Footballer of the Year Claire McWeeney
šŸ’«Senior Boy Footballer of the Year Paul Honeyman
Practical Subjects-
šŸ’«Woodwork Project- Reuben McCrann
šŸ’«JC Engineering – Dara Maguire
šŸ’«Graphics drawer of the year- Finn McKiernan
šŸ’«Construction Studies Project- Darren Wrynne šŸ’«DCG Project – Marc Gannon
šŸ’«LC Engineering -Marc Gannon
šŸ’«Art Portfolio – Aoibhinn Meehan
All the awards winners enjoyed a day out to Emerald Park this week. Well done all.
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